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Rose Gold & White Balloon Set

$12.99 $15.99

 This balloon set is a good decoration due to the subtle colors that invoke a radiant essence in your party. Similarly, it offers elegance that is suited for any occasion. 

You can surely dazzle the atmosphere within a few minutes of decorating the place. Indeed, the exquisite quality makes it trendy and effective on many occasions. 

Get ready to impress your guests!

Features of the Balloon Set 


There is a collection of 24 balloons with a unique design. There are three large 18-inch pieces and six regular-sized 12-inch confetti balloons, which we pre-filled with elegant confetti mix. 

You will find unique champagne-colored confetti shaped like dots and hearts along with rose gold and pink ones. It is easy to pair these unique confetti balloons with the 15 pearl white and rose gold ones to offer that elegant look. 

Elegant & Decorative

These balloons are convenient to use and will work impressively against a sparkly background. It is great for every occasion due to the different kinds of balloons it has. Moreover, you can utilize the set to either create a balloon bouquet or a small balloon garland. 

Either way, the pearl white balloons will look spectacular with the rose gold ones! 

Natutal Latex

We utilize high-quality natural latex in the balloon manufacturing process that ensures the high quality of the product.  We also package our goods into paper packaging.


Our product is extremely convenient and easy to use. All you have to do is inflate it with air or high-quality helium. Moreover, you can pop the glitter balloon at the end of the party! 


The Usability of the Balloon Set

Our rose gold party balloon set is great for occasions like: 

  • Baby showers 
  • Bachelorette parties 
  • Wedding receptions 
  • Engagement parties 

The rose gold, pastel pink, and white combination ensure that the balloons make a stand-alone impression. Indeed, it goes great with any decorations and arrangement by invoking a fun yet elegant vibe to the party. 

Why Should Get this Balloon Set?

Do you want your decorations to be unique and elegant? Then, you will love the striking effect of glitter and pearl tones. The shower of pink and rose gold confetti will intrigue all your guests. 

We also ensure a 100% satisfaction guarantee to get an easy refund/return policy! 

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