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Leopard Theme Paper Plates, Cups & Napkins, 24 pcs

$25.99 $25.99

Would you like to spice up your party with unique crockery? Then utilizing the paper plates and cups that we offer will be a great decision. 

This set of leopard theme items will help you throw a party without worrying about cleaning dishes. Why? Because they are made of high-quality and safe to use paper material. 

We ensure a sustainable manufacturing process that we craft with love and care. Hence, you will find consistency in each plate, cup, and napkin in this set. 

Features of this Set

Variety of Items

You will get everything you need for your table-setting adventure at a themed party. This set comprises 24 large dinner plates that have 9-inch anatomy. Furthermore, you will also have 24 smaller dessert plates with a 7-inch design. 

Along with these, we offer 48 napkins and 24 cups. Hence, you will have everything you need to get the celebrations underway. 


Each item in this package is disposable and made of paper. The use of high-quality and biodegradable paper makes the plates, cups, and napkins disposable. You can easily throw them in the recycle bin without giving it another thought! 


The leopard-themed paper plates, cups & napkins have an animal-style print. Therefore, you will be invoking a wild and fearless vibe in the celebration. Every item has the same intricate design, which matches perfectly with each other. 

You can easily set the table for 24 guests and intrigue them with your unique set of leopard-print crockery designs. Indeed, you will find the fierce leopard eyes printed on the plates to be extremely sophisticated. 


The leopard print design has been unique and trending for years now. Hence, we decided to implement it in our new plates, cups, and napkins for your next party. 

It has a pastel light-brown color paired with the fierce leopard eyes and print.

Usability of this Product

The leopard print endows unparalleled versatility in the design. Therefore, you can utilize it at parties for both adults and children. For example: 

  • Animal-themed birthday parties 
  • Halloween parties 

Why Get this Set? 

Are you having an animal-themed or jungle-themed party? Then, utilizing this aesthetic leopard printed collection will go perfectly. Moreover, by buying this from us, you contribute to planting trees. 

Are you ready to surprise your guests by serving them food and beverages on authentic leopard print products?

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