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How to

Confetti balloons can be a little tricky if you use them the first time round. Here are some simple steps to make your confetti balloons look great.

1. Rub the baloons before inflating

Rub and stretch the balloons gently few times to separate the confetti. This will also help generate static so that the confetti will stick to the sides more easily.

2. Inflate with air

When using air, the balloons won´t float but will be fun to play around and last for days (unless popped 😉). If you blow the balloons by mouth, thy will look misty or clouded at first, but the moisture will evaporate within 5-10 minutes and the balloons become transparent. Since the balloons are made of natural rubber latex, be sure to use air pump if you have allergies.

Or inflate with Helium

When using helium, first blow a few puffs (but not more) of air into the balloon by mouth. The moisture from the breath will help the confetti stick to the sides. Inflate the rest of the balloon with helium. The balloon should float easily.

3. Seal your balloons tightly

To avoid leakage, tie the neck of the balloon tightly with a ribbon (several times) or with a knot.

4. Distribute confetti evenly

Now, rub your inflated balloon with bare hands or against fabric. This will generate statics, so the confetti will stick to the sides of the balloon. Rotate the balloon to distribute confetti evenly.

The conditions of the room like humidity, heat etc, influence how quick this process will be. A rule of thumb: when the balloons are filled with air, this step is quite simple and quick, just a few strokes needed. If filled with helium with a few puffs of air, this step may take a couple of minutes. When using 100% helium, the confetti tend to settle at the bottom and more effort will be needed to get some of them to stick.

Enjoy your gorgeous balloons!

Good to know:

  • Choose the best size balloon for your event. The 12-inch balloons are more transparent than the 18-inch balloons when inflated. However, the 18-inch balloons impress with their size and since they are sturdier, they might be better for longer events.
  • Don’t inflate balloons beyond size indicated on the package. If the balloon is pear-shaped, it is too full and may burst very easily.
  • Blow up your balloons as close to your event start time as possible. For balloons filled with helium, the floating time is about 8 hours for 12-inch balloons and 20 hours for 18-inch balloons.
  • HI-FLOAT coating will affect the end result as the confetti can clump.
  • Avoid high humidity and direct sunlight. Because the balloons are biodegradable, they slowly turn velvety and opaque if left blown up for too long.