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How to Set Up and Accessorize a Perfect Balloon Garland

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How to Set Up and Accessorize a Perfect Balloon Garland

Balloon garlands help to create the perfect decoration effect for your party. They are versatile and can fit into any theme you have planned, whether it’s a bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party, or gender reveal celebration, balloon garlands work!

They make your parties extra grand without having to break the bank and fit in nicely on table settings, walls, and even very large buildings (if you’re looking to create a WOW effect). They also add more depth and color to regular two-dimensional backdrops.

If you’re looking to learn the best and easiest ways to set up and accessorize your balloon garland, you’re in the right place. What’s more, if you’re really busy and prefer to buy all your balloon accessories at the same time and place, getting a balloon garland kit would be your best bet.

What You Need to Set Up a Beautiful Balloon Garland

When making a balloon garland, there are certain supplies that you will need. Here is a list of the essential supplies to help you get to work faster. 

  1. Latex balloons (lots of them)
  2. Balloon decorating strip
  3. An electric balloon inflator
  4. Command hooks
  5. Glue dots
  6. Extra accessories (Flowers, vines & leaves, Paper butterflies, Folded paper fans, etc.)

Setting Up A Balloon Garland

After gathering the necessary supplies for your balloon garland, it is time for the fun part; setting it up.

1.     Blow Up the Balloons

The first step to take in setting up your balloon garland is blowing up the balloons. Using the balloon inflator lets you fill as many balloons as fast as possible. Imagine blowing 200 balloons without one. Yikes!

2.    Attach Balloons to Decorating Strip

The decorating strip is a long plastic strip that has holes to put the balloon knot through. We make our balloon decorating strip with organic cotton lace, making it more versatile and nature-friendly. It would help if you left some spaces at the beginning and end of the decorating strip to make it easier to attach the garland to the wall.

If you’re working with a fishing wire, tie the balloons and then attach them to the fishing line by locking the balloon neck on the fishing line and fixing it with an overhead knot.  

3.    Continue to Add More Balloons

Add more balloons to the garland. There is no particular pattern or order to follow as you add more balloons; follow your heart. Continue adding balloons till you have used most of the balloons or have reached your desired length.

4.    Set up the command hooks

At this point, set up the command hooks where you want a balloon garland to rest. It is advisable to hold up the balloon garland before fixing the command hooks. This will help you envision how the finished look will be.

5.    Attach the balloon garland to the wall

When filling in your balloons on the strip, there will be some holes left out. You can use these holes to attach the garland to the command hooks on the wall. Or you can put a baker’s twine through the holes in the strip and hang the garland on the hooks.

6.    Fill in the gaps

Once you have hung the balloon garland and are satisfied with the final look, fill in the holes with leftover balloons. This is where the glue dots (or glue gun) come in handy.

Tips to Accessorize Your Balloon Garland

Balloon garlands are beautiful on their own. However, you can decide to decorate them further to add to their aesthetics.

1.     Use balloons of different sizes

When creating your balloon garland, ensure it comprises balloons of varying sizes. You can decide to buy balloons of different sizes or fill the same-sized balloons with different amounts of air.

2.    Add some color

There is nothing wrong with having a monochrome balloon garland, but where is the fun in that? Combining different colors to match the theme of your party is a great idea.

3.    Use confetti balloons

These balloons add extra beauty and color to your garland. So, consider adding confetti balloons to your creation.

4.    Add flowers or leaves

Some balloon garland kits come with flowers or leaves to make your garland even more beautiful. These flowers give it a softer, floral, lovely final look.

5.    Accessorize with paper butterflies and fans

Paper butterflies and fans are also great for accessorizing your garland. If you decide to use one color of the balloons for your garland, the butterflies and fans will add that pop of color you require.

Final Note

Selecting the best supplies for building your garland determines how exquisite it will be. So, choose quality products that will leave you with a balloon garland you can be proud of.

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